Monday, May 28, 2012

Mojo Run Amuck

Donna ( and I spent a night cutting, and two days piecing, and more hours on our own and now have our quilt tops done for the free quilt design offered in the MODA Bakeshop Modern Workshop, designer Oliver+S. Moda's blog calls it "Blast From the Past." . Donna named ours "Oh Well," because that's what we kept saying as our cutting/piecing wasn't quite perfect. All's well though in the end. I haven't seen Donna's finished flimsy yet, but I'm sure it's fabulous.  Here's mine:

I have also cut, sewed, pressed the binding and applied the machine-work part of binding to Susannah's Tennessee Waltz quilt.  Full picture of front of quilt will be added soon...I hope.  Just look at that beautiful quilting!  My friend, Michelle is the quilting artist on this and many other of my quilts.

Sudoku quilt fabrics have been washed.  Need to starch, iron and piece.

More pillowcase fabrics were washed and now need to be ironed and made (I knew I had these somewhere):

Forgot to post this finished pillowcase (Alexander Henry, Ghastlies fabric line) last time:

This Ghastlies pillowcase kit was gifted to me by Ruth, my DSister.  New Ghastlies is out or will be soon...think I may need some.

Selected the fabrics for the Mississippi Quilt Association class I'll be taking next Saturday with teacher Billie Thompson, Antique Mosiac Tile (I think), but it's really a variation of a divided 9-match, just divided another way.  I actually was trying out some alternate cutting directions and here is my sample using those modified cuts.  Billie has us cut all of the squares the same size, which will look somewhat different from what you see here:

For the class, I'll stick with her instructions, 'cause...she's the teacher!  Below are the fabrics I will use in class (Kaffe mostly):

I plan to use the leftovers from the Oliver+S quilt to piece a back...wonder if Donna will have the same plan that I have?
And last for this picture heavy blog.  I decided to attempt a Camp Loopy project , and my choice was to do Stephen West's Spectra scarf  My choice of yarn is Madelintosh Tosh Sock in French Grey, and Fiesta Baby Boom in Misty Morning  Only one problem.  Between Tuesday night and when I realized it (Thursday evening, In think) I LOST THE MISTY MORNING yarn cake.  I wound the yarn (in the studio) on Tuesday night and brought them to the house and put them in a tote.  Friday evening, I was putting the needles with the yarn so everything would be ready for Camp kickoff on Sunday, and no misty morning yarn cake.  The big search was on, but it is GONE!  I want to do that project for the Camp project but will have to wait to get another skein.  Meanwhile, I also had some Kauni in EL for the Wingspan shawl, and I started that one.  Here is a picture of the first few rows:

And not to forget another recent project which was great fun and will use a ton of fabric strips (stash outlet), here is the rug I made using the instructions and frame from Country Threads

Whew!  When the fire gets lit... 

To Michelle's tonight (maybe), and now, shower and get out to the studio to continue the streak!