Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oiseau de Feu

The finished project on Marguerite.  (She doesn't like her picture taken, so she is headless).

I am very happy with the final product.  Although I almost frogged and started over with a different yarn, my sister urged me to finish with this yarn.  After the project hiberated for 9 months, I decided to take her advice and complete it.  The yarn is Melange by Blue Sky which is fuzzy (has a halo), but very soft.  In spite of its soft texture, it was somewhat itchy on the neck.  I washed first in Soak and then rinsed it with a generic hair conditioner.  It is not nearly as itchy now.  If I were to make this scarf again, I would not use the fuzzy yarn, but would pick a smoother yarn to show the lace to full advantage.  If a shorter scarf is desired, delete up to 7 repeats (it would then hang as shown but without the wrap around).

I taught a friend how to knit last night...a new flame has been lit!

I am trying to learn to crochet a sprial rope bracelet...NOT as easy as it looks!

Until next time,

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  1. Oh the scarf is beautiful. Headless model should be proud. Loved the lesson and flame is burning, casting on practice tonight. Thank you!!