Thursday, June 28, 2012

Camp Loopy 2012 Project One

Terrible picture but here it is.  I never know where the picture is going to pop up in relation to the words.  Guess I need to spend more  time learning how to use the Blogger program.

Pictures from a class at Mississippi Quilt Association's annual educational seminar.  The class was taught by Billie Thompson, and she called it Antique Mosiac Tile.  It is a variaton on piecing a nine-patch block and cutting pieces off, reattaching on another block.

This one was made by Marilyn Rose and uses all polka dot fabrics:

Here are my blocks using fabrics from designers  Kaffe Fasset, Phillip Jacobs and one Amy Butler.  I found a good print for the border and will show another picture when I'm finished with the top.
A couple products I use a lot (no affiliation) are Sta-Flo starch mixed half starch and half water.
 I put the starch mixture in this sprayer and spray the fabric to get it ready for pressing.  Works wonderfully.
 I sometimes just make a basin of the starch half and half mixture and immerse the fabric.  Then I squeeze out the fabric and lay it between a couple towels to get it to a damp state.  Then it's ready to iron.

Although it takes more prep time, once you start using starched fabric to piece with, there's no going back.  It allows the most precise cutting and piecing.  I'm definitely a devotee, ever since first reading about this in a Debra Wagner book way back when.


  1. Oh la la, that camp loopy is so much prettier in person, I loved it and like seeing it laid out.
    Loved the info on starching. Was wondering how you didn't get hand cramps from the small squeeze spray bottle. Just a little does me in.
    Love the Kaffe fabric class top, thanks for the pics.

  2. Trying to understand the camp loopy 2012. Is it fabric or yarn? I remember you talking about it, but don't remember anything after that. No surprise there.

    Bet the quilting class was fun!

    I may have to go to your starch method. I'm going through lots of spray bottles! It is probably my imagination, but the non-aerosol can doesn't seem to last as long as the aerosol???