Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another week and a day

This is the back of My Tweets BOM, Block 2. You can see the areas that have been stitched. A few more days should finish this one. Block 1 still needs to be stitched out, and Block 3 has been printed and acetate made.

Seuss #1 - cut and added striped border as planned. Ordered, received and washed final border fabric.
Completed Block 9 of Christmas Mystery BOM.

Completed Block 10, Christmas Mystery BOM.

Now on to this week's plan.
1) Finish stitching out My Tweets BOM, Block 2
2) Begin stitching out My Tweets BOM, Block 1 (re-do)
3) Prepare Templar for My Tweets BOM, Block 3
4) Press, cut and attach final border on Seuss #1
5) Work on TGQE Mystery, current step

Progress report

The back of My Tweets Block #1.

Christmas BOM Block 9.

Christmas BOM Block 10.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two weeks gone by:

This one is ready to stitch except I need to pick the little dots that are part of the tulips. No real forward progress on this block, except to try out a yellow dot...may need a brighter yellow or another color. May think about black for the dots.

I know it's sideways. It was already loaded when I realized the error and just wanted to get it up on the blog without any more delay. This is the re-do of Block 1 and is ready to be stitched. It seemed to take more time the second time around and I had more trouble controlling the fabric/starch/templar method. Maybe it was just because I was doing it over. I changed the two lightest leaves because they didn't show very well on the mottled background. Next time, just use white!

Finished top stitching all the skewed rectangles and squares, cut out fabric from behind the top-stitched rectangles/squares, sewed sashing strips to sides of blocks and then sewed them into rows, added the sashing strips to tops and bottoms and formed the center of quilt top. Still need to add the striped border and the Cat in the Hat blue border. I need to get the fabric from Jamie for the back, wash and iron and then it will be ready for quilting.
I actually worked pretty steady the past two weeks, to have so little to show for it, but progress is progress.
My goals for the next week:
1) Add striped border and decide whether to use the kit blue Cat in the Hat or to order more so there will be plenty for invisible splicing.
2) Stitch the February Block 2 of My Tweets
3) Stitch the January Block 1 of My Tweets
Next week it still won't look like I've done much, but if I finish these three things, it will feel like I've accomplished something.