Monday, February 28, 2011

Deja Vu All Over Again

I should be used to it by now--(1) start first segment of multi-segment project, (2) work industriously on first segment, (3) finish first segment, (3) confidently begin second segment on project—


--first segment is NOT right.

In this case. I printed My Tweets Block 1 ( piece at a time/), printed acetate overlays, prepared a mock-up block to decide on fabric selection, carefully made Templar templates of all the pieces-parts, marked fabric with pattern outlines, cut out each fabric piece, carefully prepped all my pieces (as Erin’s tutorial on appliqué, free on her blog, and/or as Karen Kay Buckley teaches and writes about, also a teaching DVD is available from Karen at her online store,; prepared background fabric, placed and glued all the pieces-parts to the background using both the printed paper pattern and the overlay, stitched all the pieces in place, watched Sharon Schamber’s video on washing blocks (on “Sharon Schamber’s Beginning Quilter : How to wash a block”) to see how she washes her appliqué block to remove glue. etc., followed Sharon’s instructions to soak/wash Block 1 to get rid of all the glue, carefully pressed the finished/washed block and pinned it to the design wall to await the next block, while feeling quite smug that the block was finished, the Christmas Mystery BOM block was finished, Step 6 of the TGQE mystery quilt was finished and steady progress was being made on the Seuss Kit #1 quilt.

All this accomplished before Block 2 became available on Erin’s web site.

Enter Block 2--print off paper pattern parts and acetates (Erin’s patterns are delivered in four separate quadrants and you print them out on four separate pieces of paper, then combine them by taping the four quadrants together to create the full-sized pattern. As I was laying out the four quadrants of the second block, one of the quadrants was not the correct size. I reprinted all four quadrants after changing the option for “Page Scaling” to “none” (a little bell should have been ringing in my head, but alas, no ringing bells yet).

I sometimes like to gather up supplies and carry them to the house to work on, so DH and I can be in the same space for a little while, and so as I gathered supplies to carry from the studio to the house, I happened to stack the Block 2 acetate pattern on top of the Block 1 paper pattern and noticed something strange. They weren’t the same size. What in the world? Still wondering, I thought the change to the page scaling option had caused a problem with the pattern for Block 2, and I would have to fix that before continuing, but upon measuring the reprinted pattern for Block 2, I found it was--EXACTLY THE RIGHT SIZE! That meant, sigh, Block 1 was NOT. It was about an inch too small.

Numerous options popped into my head, not the least of which was scrapping the whole thing and adding Block 1 to the pile of pieces/parts for future, yet to be imagined, projects.

I’m really glad that I re-visited my knitting hobby a few years back, and in doing so, discovered Yarn Harlot’s blog (, because she has started over or ripped out portions on enough projects to sink the lesson into my brain--if it’s not right, you’re not going to be happy with it, so just go ahead and fix it.

All this to get to this week’s progress report, or perhaps it should be renamed the “to-and-fro” report, “forwards and back again” report, “find it, own it and fix it” report.

I have this completed Block 1:

Which may someday be a pillow, or part of a quilt label, or a quilted tote, well, you get the idea.

I have done all the things that need to be done to get My Tweets Block 2 ready for the stitching phase. Here it is all glued up and ready for thread (still need to add little circles on red flowers):

1. Seuss Kit #1 - a couple seams sewn (want to finish sewing the seams and get the skewed squares in a square placed and stitched this week)

2.’s Christmas Mystery BOM - ironed fabric for Block 9

3. TGQE Mystery Quilt (Step 6 is done, waiting on Step 7) (no picture) (no work necessary)

4. Sue Garman’s Baltimore Album BOM (finally arrived, want to start soon) - no forward progress, but can’t wait to begin

5. My Tweets (see above), working on Blocks 1 and 2

6. Knitting project - egg/bird/nest from Anderson’s Itty Bitty Toys book for Easter for C&S (putting Monkey socks on hold for now)

Pictures from 2/28/11 meeting. Michelle showed us her completed New York Beauty quilt with straight line quilting and Ruth admires her quilt, while Donna looks on.

Wishing everyone a productive, fun week.

Monday, February 21, 2011

First Post

I am very prone to jumping from one project to the next and taking years to finish a project. I want to set down some goals for each currently active project and try to work through each step in a disciplined manner. The goal is to get to the finish line a little faster, while working on a plethora of projects. Hey, now there's a good name--"A Plethora of Projects." When I become the next biggest dynastic blogger, I may use that name. Of course, that will be in my next lifetime.

Active Projects List:

  1. Seuss Kit #1 (ordered by Jamie for Charlie and Susannah)
  2.'s Christmas Mystery BOM (Carol and I are working on this)
  3. TGQE Mystery Quilt (Step 6 is done, waiting on Step 7)
  4. Sue Garman's Baltimore Album BOM (finally arrived, want to start soon)
  5. My Tweets (Erin Russek's from One Piece at a Time blog), working on Block 2
  6. Cookie A.'s Monkey Socks from (just started, still on cuff, two at a time on circular needles)

I'll add pictures soon and try to keep up with what has been done each week.