Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another week and a day

This is the back of My Tweets BOM, Block 2. You can see the areas that have been stitched. A few more days should finish this one. Block 1 still needs to be stitched out, and Block 3 has been printed and acetate made.

Seuss #1 - cut and added striped border as planned. Ordered, received and washed final border fabric.
Completed Block 9 of Christmas Mystery BOM.

Completed Block 10, Christmas Mystery BOM.

Now on to this week's plan.
1) Finish stitching out My Tweets BOM, Block 2
2) Begin stitching out My Tweets BOM, Block 1 (re-do)
3) Prepare Templar for My Tweets BOM, Block 3
4) Press, cut and attach final border on Seuss #1
5) Work on TGQE Mystery, current step


  1. Oh la la just love your eye candy. Can Dr. Seuss revive me? It's to die for!!!

  2. Thanks for commenting. It makes my day!

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