Monday, February 21, 2011

First Post

I am very prone to jumping from one project to the next and taking years to finish a project. I want to set down some goals for each currently active project and try to work through each step in a disciplined manner. The goal is to get to the finish line a little faster, while working on a plethora of projects. Hey, now there's a good name--"A Plethora of Projects." When I become the next biggest dynastic blogger, I may use that name. Of course, that will be in my next lifetime.

Active Projects List:

  1. Seuss Kit #1 (ordered by Jamie for Charlie and Susannah)
  2.'s Christmas Mystery BOM (Carol and I are working on this)
  3. TGQE Mystery Quilt (Step 6 is done, waiting on Step 7)
  4. Sue Garman's Baltimore Album BOM (finally arrived, want to start soon)
  5. My Tweets (Erin Russek's from One Piece at a Time blog), working on Block 2
  6. Cookie A.'s Monkey Socks from (just started, still on cuff, two at a time on circular needles)

I'll add pictures soon and try to keep up with what has been done each week.


  1. Whine alert....I want pictures;-) Looks great!

  2. I hope to add pictures soon, but still need to modify post and set up a routine.